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Cross-Border Financial Planning Alliance was formed to respond to professional demand and need of private clients for services that meet the needs of multinational families, expatriates and others whose personal and financial capital cross international boundaries. In addition, Cross-Border Financial Planning Alliance provides a peer-to-peer network for our professional members.

Currently our members cover the following cross-border jurisdictions:

Independence Wealth Management are chartered tax advisers, financial planners and asset managers to individuals in Europe, South Africa, Australia, and the USA. We provide a coordinated service for tax planning/preparation, asset management in major currencies, and cross-border planning. We meet clients all over the UK, and in Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Rome, and Denver, USA.

USA/Global Bermuda
Patterson Partners is the first fee-only comprehensive financial planning and private wealth management firm to be established in and run from Bermuda. The principals of Patterson Partners have more than fifteen years of direct experience in cross-border financial planning and have contributed to the global body of knowledge on this technical subject.

USA Canada
KeatsConnelly is the largest and most experienced cross-border wealth management firm that specializes in assisting Canadians and Americans realize their dreams of a cross-border lifestyle. We specialize in managing the complexities of accumulated wealth for Canadians and Americans using a comprehensive financial planning process that includes, tax, estate, immigration, retirement planning, risk management, business planning, professional investment management, as well as the detailed management of all your financial records and accounts. We have offices in Arizona, Florida and Alberta.

USA Mexico
Mexico Advisor began operations in 1998 with offices in Mexico City and Portland, Oregon. In 2002, we relocated our US and Mexico City offices to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Since our beginnings, we have grown from only having a few thousand dollars under management to managing several million. We have also greatly expanded our suite of services. Where once we were only engaged in international financial planning, we now are now a multidisciplinary firm offering a wide variety of services to the international community in Mexico.

USA India
Devang Shah, one of India’s first CFP® certificants and also the first to hold the certification across USA and India, pioneered financial planning in India by setting up Right Returns. With more than 1.6 millions Indians living in America and thousands of Americans living in India, Right Returns aims at making personal finance a non-issue for such people.

Canada to USA, USA to Canada
Transition Financial Advisors Group is the first fee-only, comprehensive financial planning, tax and investment management firm to specialize in Canada-US transition planning and to have offices in both countries. Whether you are a Canadian or American, living in Canada or America, with tax, financial or estate planning matters in Canada or America, we are your one stop for coordinated tax planning/preparation, estate planning and investment management services.

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